Veterans Outraged Over Politicizing of USMC

Former Marines are livid that Joe Biden decided to use active Marines as props during his divisive speech in Philadelphia last week.

Concerned Veterans for America deputy director and U.S. Marine Corps veteran John Byrnes blew Biden up this weekend.

Byrnes accused Biden of eroding trust in our military by using the Marines in the backdrop of his speech.


The speech by Biden looked like something we have seen throughout history when dictators make speeches.

The irony was that with this ominous backdrop, Biden accused MAGA Republicans of being fascists.

Byrnes stated that “men and women in uniform serve the country, not a party” and “take a solemn oath that should not be taken lightly or taken advantage of.”

“When elected officials use our troops as props in political and partisan messaging, it undermines the nonpartisan nature of our military and erodes trust in the institution.”

The White House continues to defend the speech as being non-political.

It stated, “President gave an important speech last night about our democracy and our values, values that our men and women in uniform fight every day to protect.”

“The presence of Marines at the speech was intended to demonstrate the deep and abiding respect the President has for their service to these ideals and the unique role our independent military plays in defending our democracy, no matter which party is in power.”

The backdrop was so bad, multiple prominent members of the liberal media also called out Biden for the speech.

Mike Chamberlain, the director of government watchdog Protect the Public’s Trust, added, “President may be exempt from most provisions of the Hatch Act, but members of the military are prohibited from participating in partisan political activity while on duty or in uniform.

“In addition to potential violations by their superiors for coercing their participation in this event, the administration may be exposing these service personnel to possible allegations of misconduct for improperly engaging in political activity.

“While the administration often offers criticisms of its predecessors for norm-breaking activities, this represents another example of them copying and pasting the same behavior.”

I am confident that any momentum Biden gained in August will be halted due to that speech.

The only people I can imagine that approved of it were the far-left Kool-Aid drinks that see no wrong in anything Biden has done.

Source: Fox News

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75 Responses

      1. We must take both houses in November and if we do we go ahead an impeached Biden and Harris and then next in line would be the Republican House Majority Leader. what better than that!

        1. I like your scenario! Remember when the Church next to the White House was burning and President Trump went across the street, accompanied by General Milley? There were rioters nearby! The military was there for protection. I don’t think Biden needed protection when he was making his obvious political speech, and the “optics” should blow Madame Pelosi right out of the water!!!

        1. I guarantee you it was a whole lot less than Trump! Remember the democrats supervised majority of polls and we know what happened too, fraud and intimidation!!

    1. Remember the old WW II news reels showing A^d^o^l^f H^i^t^l^e^r giving a speech, flanked by his S. S. g^o^o^n^s. Now think about b^a^s^t^a^r^d B^i^d^e^n’s speech in Philly, backlit red and flanked by US Marines. Whoever was stupid enough to vote for B^a^s^t^a^r^d B^i^d^e^n elected a N^a^z^i in a suit.

      1. If Democrats vote in November for any demonocrats on the 2022 ticket it will prove that the average democrat is out of their mind.

        1. Remember when Obama made the Honor Guard remove the bolts from their rifles before they were permitted to attend his functions?

    2. Sith Lord Biden apparently thinks he’s above the laws of the land. There shouldn’t have been marines in dress at a political function. Especially when he’s calling all who disagree with his lawlessness traitors and fascists. Let’s go Brandon!

    3. Hi I am adding my 2 cents, but we know the 2020 election was stolen an Trump lost, so now we have an election coming up in Nov. so what say we add crazy Joe an Donald trump on the vote an revote for them at the same time, we already voting, so all that has to change is the add on, If Joe loses we can get rid of crazy Nancy. But I suppose the elector college would have a cow about this, they sure wouldn’t want the GP to have their own say by popular votes. So now your opinion. God save the USA.

      1. You are not so far off. Other Democratic (?) countries such as England have prime ministers who serve until a vote of confidence is called. If they lose at that point in time, they leave. This keeps leaders on their toes! They don’t get to wait until their term expires. Perhaps we should look at this constitutionally; since the fast pace we now live in, and not to forget the perilous times with lethal weapons, should call for leaders who have the confidence of all of the people!

  1. anytime our MARINES are used as displayed pieces for anyone and specially for this old fool ya call president are conflicted of abusing the same acts and laws implemented by congress that no one is to abuse not even congress or the legislative branch biden needs to be impeached now and any member who accepted to participate in that debacle to appear behind biden on any stage should be relieve of duties and charged accordingly biden doesn’t know were his own nose is planted at times

    1. You cant blame the Marines for being there. They were just obeying the orders of the commander and chief. The blame falls squarely on Biden and the Secretary of Defense. Biden for violating the Uniform code of Military Justice And the secretary for allowing it to happen and not informing the President that it was wrong to put the Marines in that situation. Im a veteran and I believe the Secretary should be relieved of duty.

      1. Semper Fi, as a former Marine who served in Vietnam and extended for a second tour I’m appalled that the President and his top military leaders were so bold as to have our Proud Marines used as stooges for the senile President Biden. You want to see a show of strength, keep guiding our Country toward a Marxist /Communist Country and the people will rise up.
        The President and his cronies will not have the backing of the men and women in uniform, order will be restored. A leader will arise, men and women in uniform will follow this leader, former military members and their families will follow, Christians, Conservatives and Independents will follow……what remains will be the liberal elite, the liberal media and the woke crowd to run for cover.
        In the end America will be restored to a God loving Country that supports and defends the Constitution of the United States.

        1. So, when are the people and our Military going to enact our right/duty of our Declaration of Independence regarding a tyrannical Government? I believe it is past time. Our country cannot function with these treasonous actors in place. They lie, cheat, spew misinformation and propaganda backed by their MSM that continually supports and promotes their Marxist agenda and actions against our people and children. They believe they are above the law, they are not they must be removed and imprisoned. Elections have consequences however, the consequences always seem to be against the people. If you disagree the DOJ/FBI will come after you! This Government is corrupt and works to enrich themselves Legal Citizens be damned!

          I believe an oath to protect our country from foreign and domestic enemies MUST be employed!

          At what point do Americans, including our Military believe enough is enough?

  2. Mr. Biden has politicized everything he has anything to do with including the military. It would be great if he funded their preparedness for the war China is getting ready to inflict on the world.

    1. He left billions of military equipment in Afghanistan and it was sold to the russians and Chinese, he then cut the military budget, then he is removing 10 percent of military because they won’t take these placebo shots, that I’m sure his family is getting cut for, now he gives our top military equipment to Ukraine’s, while stripping our military of equipment, and the Russians are using WW2 equipment, to keep their new stuff home. and now we are not the most powerful anything, God save us.


  3. Unfortunate for the Marine “puppets” that were used to accentuate the devil in front of the microphone. The red backlighting was genius! Now we have NO DOUBTS about who the Dems bow too. The Son of Satin!
    To bad Biden wasn’t aborted in the 9th month…or maybe he was and this is what’s left….no brain, no smarts……yea…that’s who we want for President!

    1. Yeah Point, the abortion would have avoided the nightmare we have now with this Idiot in Chief. I’m sure the 2 Marine props were ordered to stand there by someone in charge, probably the idiot in chief. A double edged sword, either disobey an order or face an article 15 for violating the UCMJ for appearing at a political event in uniform.

      1. How would Biden feel if his wife aborted any of his children. I also remember when he talked about segregation because he didn’t want his children growing up in a jungle. What a hypocrite. He still does not like black or Hispanic people. ‘Come on man.’

    2. It looked totally Satanic. He accused patriots of what the left is doing and it has ruined our economy, our energy independence, our sovreignty as millions of illegals, drug cartels, human traffickers, criminals just walk into our country to the welcome of the Biden administration. Then there is the war on our guns (watch out for the UN Small Arms Treaty and the WHO that he wants to put us under.
      Hopefully, even Biden voters saw what that whole drama and speech were – pure evil and dictatorial. No doubt anymore.

  4. This pres snd his crew r so stupid I’m sure they think everyone is just like them – don’t know the rules! Sorry Brandon the rest of didn’t get dumbed down by your puppet master!

  5. The Marines were probably there under orders. They probably had no knowledge of the speech Biden was going to give. Their superiors are the ones to blame for their presence.

    According to Biden’s press secretary, Biden believed what he said in his speech. Hillary Clinton supposedly applauded the speech.

    Biden, Clinton, the DNC anyone else who applauded that speech has demonstrated who they actually are. Hopefully, this will result in Republican gains in both legislative branches.

    1. I loved what Senator John Kennedy said. It is something on the order of, and I paraphrase: “We will never clean the swamp until we get the pigs out of the creek”. I love Senator Kennedy. He is one wise and smart cookie.

  6. The Democrat party oozes hypocrisy! The only people who abide it are low grade public shool and college grads! The shock part they expected a high paying job. They enjoyed the Animal House atmosphere and not the scholarly lectures! A good portion end up in public schools, while Asia hires the best we get the low grade ones!

  7. Satan posing as a president. Isn’t it odd that everthing democrats f up, and portray, it’s called republican hate , racism, attack on democracy,………etc, etc etc. They are liars. Fact check Hillary Clinton quote. She’s also quoted, democrats are dumb and easily manipulated. And then there’s Satan, evil in our faces. God bless America!!!!!!

  8. Remember, when you impeach Biden, we really have no VP, what a joke,, you will have Pelosi, WORSE, and she is the very key to all this corruption, notice when Pelosi took speaker of the house, its been heading all down hill, Pelosi is the master mind behind the vote rigging, how do you think she stayed in office all these years, her daddy is a big high ranking mob memeber ,, yes, few know that, so get it, This vote rigging been going on for years, they over did it with Trump,, america now realized it, Biden never was voted in, The Mob put him in,,, The mob is now in the FBI , The mob owns the FBI, Garland is a Joke,

    Remember, God Loves You,

  9. Biden is right to fear MAGA Republicans because we are the Patriots that believe in life, liberty, the constitution and law and order. That he dare say he represents law and order after defunding the police and opening the border to criminals, terrorists and deadly fetanayl. Last week was the first time he even mentioned fetanayl that is coming from China and killing our children. He has broken the law and should be sent to gitmo. He is evil and demonic. His cheating wife jill is just as bad. He represents the dictator we never wanted.

  10. Biden is nothing but a slime ball from hell and the Congress and Senate needs to be voted out of office if he is not impeached. If you wan to save this country vote straight Republican and sweep Washington clean or die as a nation its that simple.

  11. We all know Biden going be impeached as soon as the Republicans.
    All the people connected should all be sent to jail.
    1. Mr. Biden’s son Hunter.
    2. FBI Director and staff
    3. Hillary Clinton
    4. Pelosi family in bed with China making money.
    5. Adam Schiff
    6. Liz Cheney
    Start by letting the IRS. Find out how they made Millions.
    That would be fun to watch on TV.

    FBI Director and his men.
    2. Hillary Clinton

  12. We all know Biden going be impeached as soon as the Republicans.
    All the people connected should all be sent to jail.
    1. Mr. Biden’s son Hunter.
    2. FBI Director and staff
    3. Hillary Clinton
    4. Pelosi family in bed with China making money.
    5. Adam Schiff
    6. Liz Cheney
    Start by letting the IRS. Find out how they made Millions.
    That would be fun to watch on TV.

    FBI Director and his men.
    2. Hillary Clinton

  13. Time for a reality check, there were no marines at Bidens speach. They were green screened, someone was shown taking a video of Bidens speach on their phone. No marines were visible in the camera.

  14. The Biden administration is the Nazi Party. Hitler used identical tactics in the 1930’s.
    Hitler forced the populace to turn in guns.
    Hitler demonized the those who were against his policies and found any way possible to eliminate them.
    Hitler used the military to force the 3rd Reich agenda.
    Hitler politicized the military.
    Hitler arrested anyone who apposed his agenda.
    If you don’t think your next then you are one of them.
    Nobody wants to act until they’re standing in front of a firing squad, or standing in front of an oven, with the look of awe on they’re faces, wondering how could this have happened. The coming IRS will destroy you!

    1. Really makes you wonder why there’s so many ads for people to work in the FEMA camps. Do the liberal/ communists have a plan?

    2. America open your eyes before it’s to late!!! So far, everything these so called democrats are accusing REPUBLICANS AND CONSERVATIVES OFF, they them selves are doing. They are no more democrats then Stalin and or Hitler was, In fact American so called democrats are communist stooges and are many times worst then Stalin and Hitler put together… FIB

  15. “The backdrop was so bad, multiple prominent members of the liberal media also called out Biden for the speech.”

    Multiple leftist media conduits either cropped the marines and Hitleresque red out of the video all together or photoshopped the video to lessen visibility so they could continue pushing their one party government rant. The New York Times deepened the red to diminish the marines, making the video even more macabre.

  16. To our loyal military – Always keep in mind when the leadership of this country knowingly commits acts of treason – you do not have a commander-in-chief. You loyalty lies with the citizens of this country who fight for a republic to remain free.

    We can easily replace leadership but we cannot lose our freedom and country that you, our military, have lost lives and many injured to defend. God Bless all of you.

  17. How the heii would Joe know anything about the Military??? NONE of our past few Presidents EVER served at all–Clinton, Obama, Bush (National Guard), Trump and especially Biden. Biden is a special sort of Draft Dodger as he was 4F (exempt from duty) for over 5 years while in college for Asthma. FUNNY as soon as Vietnam was over Joe was HEALED. COWARD disease took over and still plagues him!. Joe became a Senator and that is how it has been for going on 50 years–stealing, lying and taking from the taxpayer! Joe even said “Its OK to LIE if you get what YOU want”!!!!

  18. This entire event is so riddled with anti-American ideology and ignorance of the role of the military that it is both disgusting and frightening. The USMC has a right to be upset, even angry, over the way they were utilized for a political speech. The oath they took was not to the President or to protect the President. The oath they took was to the nation and was for the protection of the Constitution “against all enemies foreign and domestic.”
    The hack that wrote the statement saying, “President gave an important speech last night about our democracy and our values, values that our men and women in uniform fight every day to protect.” doesn’t even recognize the fallacy of the words they wrote and the statement as made. Firstly, to call our Constitutional Represtentative Republic a democracy is fallacious and a slap in the face of our founders, our citizens and a besmirchment of our Constitution. Then to claim “that our men and women in uniform fight every day to protect” said democracy and its values (That is the implication of the statement.) is another stupid and incongruous statement. This administration is built on foreign ideology, lies, deceit, fraud, baseness and dorruption.

  19. Biden & Trump are both DRAFT DODGING COWARDS!!! Slow Joe & his ” I can’t breath” & Donny Boy ” I can’t march I have bone spurs” Two P O S ‘s that never should have been allowed in the White House let alone Commander in Chief.

  20. With most Americans with a High School Diploma, most have no clue and will forget about it in 15 mins or have no clue what happened. Those are the majority of Dem voters!

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  22. DON’T KNOW HOW THE UCMJ READS TODAY, but in my day, we couldn’t even pup up a political sign on our lawns at home.
    If this is still the rule, how dare Pres. Biden mand a campaign statement with active-duty servicemen in his campaign.

  23. Former Marine??? I was taught that Once a Marine, Always a Marine!

    I would have loved for the senior Marine there to speak loud enough to be heard by a few others and say: ‘Marines… Atention… About… Face… At EASE.’

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