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VIDEO: Jordan Leaves Fauci Speechless on Whether or Not to Limit Protests

The politics of Dr. Fauci are starting to come through on a colossal level.

When Fauci appeared before Congress this week, he got into a bit of a joust with Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH).

Jordan asked Dr. Fauci if protests should be limited due to the fact they fit the very nature of the setting Fauci has proclaimed to be the most dangerous for the contraction of the coronavirus.

Dr. Fauci has previously railed on the dangers of large sporting events, and many other gathering types, as Jordan alludes to, yet he refused to condemn protesting or even suggesting the government try to halt protests during the pandemic because he knows if he does, Democrats will unleash their fury on him…

It’s sad, really, that Fauci simply won’t tell the truth.

He had no problem telling us to shut the economy down, yet he is hesitant to suggest protests are now part of the problem.

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