Video Released of Times Square Shooting of 21-year-old Marine

The boldness of criminals in New York continues to go the wrong way.

Last week, reports broke of a shocking broad daylight shooting at Times Square.

Video of that shooting has now been released, showing that Bill de Blasio’s New York is out of control.

Shocking Boldness

This weekend, Mayor de Blasio put out a tweet touting the future of New York.

The man seems oblivious to what is actually going on in his own city.

To that point, watch the shocking footage released by police…

This is the biggest tourist attraction in the city, and people are being shot at in broad daylight.

Thankfully, in this case, the victim is expected to survive, but that has not been the case in far too many of these incidents.

This is yet more proof of what happens when you defund the police and are short-staffed on the streets.

The fact someone can pull a weapon out in that area and manage to get off shots with police nowhere to be found is just startling.

You would have to be out of your mind to travel to New York City right now.

This, by the way, is the violence that Rep. Ocasio-Cortez says is being dramatized and creating hysteria.

If being shot in Times Square is not reason enough to create concern, perhaps AOC needs to find a new line of work.

Sources: New York Post & Fox News

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15 Responses

    1. Diane, need to go farther…. Capital punishment needed for convicted killers whose appeals fail. We put out garbage at our homes; garbage in the prisons needs to be put down.

  1. NO NYC would rather put the criminals back on the streets ASAP !!!!! Apparently, they don’t mind tourist being shot on a weekly basis !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I used to want to visit NYC, but it’s now off the list, just as Portland is !!!!!!!!!! Believe I will stick with Republican held areas that are much safer !!!!!!!

  2. This is nothing new. Except the Republicans get back in control of New York and New York City, these murderous acts shall never end but continue to grow. This is what the Democrats ar good for. Making American cities under them bad, so bad to live in.

  3. Looks like blacks are targeting whites ,thanks to this administration preaching CRT and white supremacy

  4. Few police, and even then they’re probably not allowed to DO anything. The violent are on notice, you can do whatever you want, we won’t bother you. It’s like the PURGE come to life, kill and torment whoever you want, not just for a night, but every day, every night, year round, for the rest of your life! What an awesome country, THANKS BIDEN AND YOU DEMOCRAT SWINES!

  5. democraps support these murders and rioters , all these bastards killing people for just being there need to be shot !!! start with thoses useless democraps !!

  6. It is sad people Americans would do this to one another. Stay away from democratic ran states. They are among the most dangerous ones in the nation. They need must have a stronger police force.

    1. Nah defund all of the police in all blue states, 6 months there will be no Liberals, no Antifa and no BLM

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