Video Shows Yonkers Cop Watching Fight

New video has surfaced out of New York that is beyond disturbing.

The footage captured two brothers fighting with another man, brutally beating the man, including stomping him.

All the while, a female police officer was standing there and doing nothing to stop them.

Shock Video

Police are fighting on our streets every day, and this officer’s conduct will do little to help them.

The fight started as one-on-one just as the officer was showing up.

The two men quickly got the advantage as the officer got out of the vehicle just as things were getting ugly.

Then she just stood by as the man was getting pummeled and stopped.

Eventually, she stepped in, sort of, but the beating of the man continued.

The situation did not get under control until a second officer showed up.

The two men were arrested and charged with assault.

As far as the officer is concerned, the Yonkers Police administration stated that it is  “conducting an internal inquiry into the initial police response.”

You can see the full video in the New York Post.