POLL: Voters Say Trump Not Getting Enough Credit for Vaccine

It now appears that voters are starting to realize that Donald Trump did far more work on the COVID-19 vaccine than the media is letting on.

A recent Rasmussen Reports poll found that 51 percent of those surveyed believe that Trump deserves more credit for the vaccine than Joe Biden.

Shockingly, a full 41 percent sided with Joe Biden on this front.

About Operation Warp Speed

For some reason (well, we actually know the reason), the media allowed Joe Biden and company to pretend there was no vaccination program in place until Joe Biden showed up.

Biden himself has pushed a bogus narrative on this front from the outset, seemingly forgetting that there would not even be a vaccine without Operation Warp Speed.

When Biden came into office, all he needed to do was stay out of the way, and he even managed to screw that up.

Also, let’s not forget, Joe Biden himself challenged that the vaccine would even be safe, stating that safety procedures were being skipped due to pressure he says Trump was putting on the FDA.

Mike Pence even commented on this recently, stating, “The fact that the Biden-Harris administration, that spent much of the campaign talking down a vaccine developed under the Trump-Pence administration, now has seen its way clear to ignore our administration’s efforts is disappointing but not surprising.”

What was really shocking in the survey, at least to me, was that 21 percent of Democrats gave Trump more credit, a number that is far higher than anyone would have expected in this partisan environment.

Source: Breitbart

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8 Responses

  1. Biden should get NO CREDIT for the vaccine. He has made it a political issue which makes most of Americans really mad. He has done nothing for the American public. Not one single good decision.

  2. Biden has always been a lair and a cheat he was in Congress for 40 plus years and did nothing but take up space!!!!

    Trump truly loves America and the world is better because of him
    Biden loves whom ever gives the most cash to his account
    What a horrible disappointment this man is and if he had any chatter he would have never run for President.
    You have to know when he meets his maker he willed be called on all his actions
    A truly horrible man
    Shouldn’t he help Cuba???

  3. Biden needs to go. Trump the one who got the vaccine out but as usual the democrats are taking credit.

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