National Security Adviser Walks Back Biden Taiwan Comments

This is a legitimate question…

Is Joe Biden the president or is he a talking head puppet?

I am leaning toward the latter because, yet again, the White House has walked back another policy stated publicly by Joe Biden.

Take It Back

This Sunday, Joe Biden’s interview with “60 Minutes” aired.

During that interview, Biden committed to having US troops on the ground in Taiwan if China launched an attack.

When asked for clarification, Biden stated, “yes,” he meant soldiers would be committed to the defense of Taiwan.

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan says that is not the case.

Sullivan stated, “As the president said in his interview on ’60 Minutes,’ we continue to stand behind the ‘One China’ policy.

“When the president of the United States wants to announce a policy change, he will do so. He has not done so.”

But Biden did announce a policy change because, currently, the “One China” policy only gives Taiwan diplomatic status, and even that is informal.

Sullivan continued, “[Biden] stands behind the historic U.S. policy toward Taiwan that has existed through Democrat and Republican administrations and has helped keep peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait for decades.”

This is at least the second time that Biden has commented that he would put boots on the ground, and both times the White House has had to walk back the comment.

Either Joe needs a refresher on the policy or he wants to start a war.

Source: Fox News

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