WaPo Editorial Tells Dems to Push for Supreme Court Term Limits

It sure is funny how people act when they do not get their way.

Today, this includes major news publications that have no idea what the centerline even looks like anymore.

In the case of the Washington Post, this would be calling for Democrats to push for term limits for Supreme Court justices now that they have all the power in the government.

Calling for Term Limits

With Donald Trump having been able to appoint three justices in just four years, the overall shape of the court was dramatically changed for decades.

Based on the ages of Trump’s justices, every one of them could be on the bench for the next three decades, possibly longer.

There is no way liberals are going to tolerate that, which is exactly why Joe Biden recently ordered a commission to examine the Supreme Court and make recommendations for change.

On that front, the Washington Post decided to throw in its two cents, calling for 18-year term limits for all justices.

Of course, the publication did this in the interest of every administration being able to appoint justices, you know, just to keep it fair.

WaPo stated that going after term limits rather than packing the court would “drain some of the intensity from Supreme Court politics by providing both parties with foreseeable, regular opportunities to nominate justices – thus lowering the stakes of each vacancy.”

Due to the charged political environment, this will not be accepted by the right in any way, shape, or form.

These arguments were not being made when Bill Clinton was in office and they surely were not being made when Barack Obama was in office.

This is solely because Democrats are upset that Trump got to name three justices and because Stephen Breyer does not want to step down so Biden can name his replacement.

This is sour grapes… nothing more.

Source: American Digest

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50 Responses

  1. It MAY be a good idea AFTER they have term limits on congress. The term limits should be 4 years on the House of Representatives and 6 years on the Senate. After those are codified, then they can discuss limits on the Supreme Court. There are many people in Congress who have done NOTHING good for our nation, they just receive a big salary and benefits from the taxpayers they are supposed to represent.

      1. One month already was too long to that demented pervert that is doing China”s bidding. We have a perverted terrorist traitor in the white house with the California ho to help him destroy our country.

      2. Brady,
        It was the Democrats that put term limits on the President but rejected it for themselves claiming it was unfair since THEIR terms was so short.

    1. We have term limits in congress…TWO years for reps and SIX for senators, its the people who keep voting the dullards in by skipping primaries where new people come into the system. A life on the court was to keep politics out of the system. People grow and expand in their thinking, the more they see and rule over the more knowledge they obtain, they shouldn’t follow a party to the end of their stay on the court. Nine justices are enough and let them stay until the age of 70 or so.

    2. So true
      McConnell is number one!
      Roberts & byer both PEDOPHILES close friends to Epstein & clintons. Still are! Hmmm wonder who got rid of Epstein? Or the 4 great warriors in Benghazi. Hmmm

    3. I can agree with that. No Congressperson should ever become a Millionaire and the Congress should be Part Time Their sessions should be moved around the country so that no one city benefits from their criminality.

    4. I agree! I have been saying that we must demand Term Limits for the house and the senate. The President cannot be there for 20 years and two terms is enough for Congress and the senate. They think it is there house and not the peoples house.

    5. Stop perks and benes! Serve civil American service stop lobbying ;end it!!!!! Terms agreed for house 4. Senate 6.I
      No restriction on scouts follow constitution dimwits!!! Demos! Ugh.

    6. Congress has created so many bureaucracies populated by non-elected “governmental” employees that there in nothing left for Congress to DO! They have delegated all their Constitutional duties to these bureaucracies. Therefore, there should be no talk of “term limits” for them, they should be DISBANDED altogether as useless hogs at the government feeding stations.

    7. Term limits should be the policy for the Senate, Congress, and the Supreme Court. Some of the lower courts should have restrictions on time as well. Whether they are reviewed or not, I have no knowledge. But in judges in some states need to campaign when their term is up.

      Donald J. Trump is still President; what is going on is a charade. All will be made clear soon, before more damage is done. Check out Dr. Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes; decide for yourself if they are conspiracy theorists or have the real scoop on current affairs of the White House where no one is residing and under
      government control. Notice the lights go out the same time all military bases say, “Good night!”

    8. EVERY red blooded American should be calling for congressional TERM LIMITS ! IF THESE IDIOTS do nothing else, as usual, TERM LIMITS should be first on their agenda !

    9. Very well said. I agree on term limits. Especially for do nothing representatives and senators. They (both parties) have made a royal mess of the our country. So much greed and corruption.

  2. Michael Saunders, U.S. Army S.F. veteran of the Vietnam war and 23 years in law enforcement says:

    Biden really wants to with the democratic party to destroy this counties laws and ways of laws and pack the supreme country and with term limits. When are the citizen of this country going to demand Biden to be impeached along with Harris.

    1. So tell me, what is your suggestion on “HOW WE THE PEOPLE” can demand impeachment?? Protesting?? Riots?? Letter writing champagne??” Petition?? Do you really think that OUR Government cares about what we think or want?? They can care less.

      1. I would had been call in our Military on Cheating Slow Joe and his corrupted Traitors and those that has treason their own America for Communist Country. They azz giving our tax-payers money to other countries to support them when Americans suffering serious neglects. Cheating Joe sent for illegals ASAP. He’s showing his own country who he put FIRST. Illegals had on T-shirts with Biden name on it saying come get them. They have SOLD Americans OUT! This is DNC Party Agenda. This is how they wants to replace Americans by illegally allowing illegals 3rd worlds into our country and take our tax-payers money to care for them and they’re are working with the child-trafficking Agenda. It’s all about the Benjamin$$$ said Rep. Omar. They supports China and I will never trust the fake president and his Administration too. Call and demand the military Americans. Our people have being SOLD out!!! This is why they continued to change our Constitution Rights.

    2. Biden violated his oath of office four times on day one. Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution. “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence .”
      His job was to prevent invasion of a state; he allowed invasions of four states….How anyone could have voted for this man shows the level of education is as low as it has ever been. 26 were on the dem stage and this man was the one they thought was the best, smh.

    3. Good idea, but will never happen unless we take back the house and senate in 2022. Then with people, like Romney, McConnel, and a few others it still might not happen. Cause you would have to just impeach the whole democRATe party. As you notice, there is always some fools around, just waiting for their shot.

  3. WaPo Editorial Tells Dems to Push for SCOTUS Term Limits The U.S. Constitution states that once confirmed by the Senate, justice serves for life. look at who would rule on this if the Dem’s tried this. Better get started on an amendment to the constitution. WAPO should read Article III sec 1

  4. I concur with klsparrow’s comments, but suggest that if we consider a Constitutional revision to add term limits for Supreme Court Justices, we should include term limits for incumbents of the Senate and House as well!

  5. What was the average life span when the constitution was adopted? Very few lived into their sixties, seventies or eighties. According to the republican originalist theory an eighteen year limit seems reasonable. Personally so the packing of the Supreme Court I prefer adding four new justices. Or one SC justice for each federal court district. They are only politicians in robes.

  6. I think they should leave the Supreme Court as it is, instead there should be term limits on all Politicians, if 8 years is what is good for the President then I think it’s good enough for all Politicians and while they’re at it we should do away with taxpayers matching election funds and set strict the total amount of money that can be spent on any type of Political Campaign.

  7. OK then Govt wide, ALL G7 employees & above Term limits them too
    Those under G7 can remain or transfer to other positions
    DC wide & nationwide

  8. The WAPO is supposed to report facts not give advice or state their views. If I want their views I would request them. They are just hacks and super most doing what the democrats, BLM, ANTIFA, leftist minions. They really she learn to use their own brains instead of sharing.

  9. Term limits even for the Congress isn’t the great idea it sounds. More so in the case of state legislatures but still so, the lobbyists would often know more about the issues and have more influence than the Senators, Representatives & state legislators. Who will really run things?

  10. All demorats in this country should be put in California, thats the best place for NUTS!! These people are not american, they’re treasonous bastards!!!!

  11. In view of the democratic proposal to change the Supreme Court lets look at the overall government. Senators and reps should be allow no more than two (2) terms in office. They should bot be allowed to sit in Washington for 30, 40 or 50 years.

  12. Again wow no wonder so many people have left and are leaving the Republican party. Republican Senators words cant be trusted when they said Obama should not nominate a replacement Supreme Court Justice because he only had 7 months of his second term and it should left to the next incoming President. Then what did that Same Senator do just a month or so before Trump was due to leave office. They turned around and Nominated a New Supreme Court Justice. Spouted off lies about a stolen election resulting in the riot and storming of the Capitol Building and resulting in Injuries and deaths of W.DC police officers and a number rioters. The Republican Party has become the party of Liars, Racist White Supremacists, Fake Conspiracy Theorists, and Thieves Who built a golden statue of their new God, the Narcissistic, Lying, woman abusing foul mouth, Money Scamming, so called leader whose lies and false information about the Virus which has resulted in over 500,000 deaths, crazy trump. Republicans are supposed to be god fearing, church going and and yet we know e what happened the last time a golden idol was made.

  13. I agree with William Vital and Jack. And, when their terms are up, their salaries should stop; their previous jobs will be waiting for them. There should not be medical coverage nor any other monetary connections (as there is now). Follow the constitution allowing the Supreme Court for life terms!

  14. Age restriction maybe but not year because the experience of being a Judge for more then 18 years is the only history we will have left if the PC keep removing History.

  15. In the beginning there were two original copies of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Do you know that the democrats burned one of those copies of each documents? They will burn the only two original copies if given the chance. These communist in control of the government now will do anything to keep power! Our Constitutional rule of law is not working since they blatantly stole the election from 74+ million Americans last November 3rd, finishing it off in the wee hours of the 4th. But their plans began months or years before that. We in fact now have a communist government in Washington DC, but people are so blind! The capital is surrounded by a fence and national guard troops are stationed there. Those states who are allowing their national guard troops to remain there are sealing their own doom. Don’t take this old uneducated man’s word for these things, check them out for yourselves. WAKE UP PEOPLE, WAKE UP!

  16. “With Donald Trump having been able to appoint three justices in just four years, the overall shape of the court was dramatically changed for decades.”

    Just three more cowards who’re too scared to look at the evidence of Election Fraud; they just batted every Complaint away with ‘moot”.

    Well, of COURSE!! ALL “Complaints” are debatable!! BUT!!! There’s no denying proof; which become Proof with the actual Court Case.


    But to refuse to look at the evidence?? They’re just three Cowards.

    Trump always did… does, I suppose… have problems with Trust Issues in other people. Many, many…TOO damn many… wrong ones.

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