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WaPo Journalist Accuses Trump of Going to War with Americans

Get ready for the new narrative from the mainstream media.

Now, due to Trump’s law and order stance, the mainstream media is accusing Trump of going to war with Americans.

Washington Post opinion writer Jennifer Rubin threw this narrative out there on Sunday and it is already gaining traction with the media.

Trump Vs. Americans

The media is mistaking Trump’s law and order message as some sort of declaration of war.

The media wants everyone to believe Trump has become the enemy of the people when it Is Trump calling for governors and mayors to restore order to protect citizens.

To that point, here is what the Washington Post opinion writer Jennifer Rubin had to say about Trump this weekend.

“I think he’s in a desperate position, and it seems as though he’s not even trying right now.

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“When you look at polls, not only is Biden substantially ahead, but he’s over 50% in many of these polls.

“That means in order to win, Trump has to win back those voters. But he’s not winning back anyone.

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“He is basically playing to that core group of voters who thrive on racial grievance, on resentment on fear.

“By approaching it in this way, he’s really cutting off any hope of ever extending his base of support.

“I think what you see is now Republicans around the country realize that he’s not really trying to win, and in order for them to survive, they’re going to have to be distancing one another.”

“I do want to point out sometimes we in the media make too little of how crazy the president sounds and look.

“These were bizarre speeches over the weekend.

“These were inflammatory, hateful, a-historic, going to war with fellow Americans.”

Who is Really Declaring War?

I could very easily make the case the complete opposite of what Rubin stated is true.

Democrats and the media have been behind these protests and riots from the outset.

We have seen how many young children killed as a direct result of these protests turning violent?

How many adult lives have been lost for the same reason and continue to be lost due to regular violence in Democrat-run cities around the country?

This past weekend, Chicago reportedly had more than 80 shootings, with more than a dozen fatalities, including a 7-year-old little girl.

In Atlanta this weekend, a young girl was shot dead while driving by the Wendy’s where protests were occurring over the death of Rayshard Brooks.

So, please, tell me again that it is Donald Trump going to war with Americans and not Democrats and the media.

Source: Breitbart

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