Washington Commanders Running Back Shot During Robbery

This weekend, one of the top running backs in the NFL was shot during a robbery.

Brian Robinson Jr. survived the carjacking assault, but he was wounded.

When the DC Police released the description of the perpetrators, there was one glaring omission.


This was the tweet sent out by the DC police after the shooting…

Notice what was missing?

The race of the suspects, as seems to be the norm anymore when the alleged perpetrators are minorities.

A journalist later provided the full description…

Robinson was getting a lot of attention and expected to play a major role in the Commanders offense this season.

While I am sure he is lucky to have escaped with his life, how this shooting will impact his playing career is unknown at this point.

The Commanders played their last pre-season game this weekend, with all teams now on a two-week break before the regular season opens on Thursday, September 8.

Source: Breitbart

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