Washington Post Trump Photo-op Video Timeline DEBUNKED with IG Report

When Lafayette Park was cleared of protesters, the entire mainstream media ASSUMED it was done for a Trump photo op.

The media was so excited that it thought it had Trump dead to rights, so they could not wait to go live with their story.

Democrats piled on, adding to the narrative, with Pelosi saying that law enforcement was used like “stormtroopers” so Trump could get a photo op.

Well, as we all now know, it was all a bunch of lies.

Here is a video montage of just how the mainstream media portrayed the incident…

That, however, was nothing compared to a 12-minute video put together by the Washington Post, a video that was widely regarded as a great piece of investigative journalism at the time…

As it turns out, the video’s narrative was wrong, not to mention it was so biased, it never mentioned the 49 US Park Police that had been injured the two days prior.

It is just absolutely astonishing that not a single news outlet or Democrat bothered to pick up the phone to ask the police why the park had been cleared, but that is the state of journalism in the mainstream media today.

I should note, it is just as disturbing that someone from any of these law enforcement agencies involved did not step up at the time to debunk the bogus narrative being put out there by Dems and the media.

More fake news… fake news we are unfortunately finding out was fake far too long after the fact.

Source: Breitbart & Washington Post

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5 Responses

  1. I find it funny that the fake news says it was a peaceful protest! Have you ever seen a peaceful protest when democrats are involved?

  2. Why is Nancy Pelosi, Washington Post, CNN and ALL others not be prosecuted for LIES AND DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER. Why are people like Pelosi allowed to sit in the halls of our U.S. Goverment?

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