Fox News’ Jesse Watters Slams Biden Speech, Makes Promise

We all know how this works… 

The elections are legitimate until the Democrats lose.  

Don’t believe me? Just check the comments in every major election where a Democrat did not win. 

Dems are already setting the table for this election, but Jesse Watters is making a promise and tossing it right in Joe Biden’s face. 

Don’t Worry 

Joe Biden and Democrats continue to fearmonger regarding the outcome of this election. 

If Democrats lose, it will be the end of our democracy.  

When you make that claim, however, you are actually slapping a label on every person that does not vote Democrat.  

After all, if Republicans in office are a threat to the democracy, anyone that puts them in power is also a threat, correct? 

Biden was specifically talking about states that do not start counting ballots until election day and people pushing back if the election day winner loses after all the absentee ballots are counted.  

He stated, “We know that more and more ballots are cast in early voting or by mail in America. 

“We know that many states don’t start counting those ballots till after the polls close on Nov. 8th.  

“That means in some cases we won’t know the winner of the election for a few days after the election.” 

Jesse Watters responded, “That was the president of the United States confessing he is about to get wiped out a week from now. 

“No one is going to question the results of this election, Mr. President, because it’s going to be a blowout.  

“It’s not even going to be close.” 

I can do without all the sensationalism, but I have to admit, I am enjoying watching the Dems sweat this one out.  

Source: Daily Caller