Conservative Think Tank Was Way Ahead of Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci is offering up a lot of double talk these days.

He was the driving force behind many of the policies that were put in place in the early stages of the pandemic.

As this has all played out, virtually every recommendation Fauci made has proven to be wrong.

This was all foreseen by a conservative think tank, Just Facts.


Fauci is now trying to separate himself from many of these decisions, especially since reports are coming out about the damages done to children…

These are all things that Just Facts warned against.

For instance, the organization slammed the lockdown, especially regarding children.

In March 2020, it stated, “Without a vaccine, the only way people can become immune to Covid-19 is by catching it and recovering.

“This means that too much social distancing may cause more deaths because young, healthy people — who would otherwise catch the disease, recover quickly, and become firewalls — remain as potential carriers.”

Fauci can deny it, but he was the lead on the “15 Days to Slow the Spread,” which was extended numerous times.

On the lockdown, James D. Agresti, the president and co-founder of Just Facts, stated, “This was utterly asinine.

“And you didn’t need to have that in hindsight.

“This was information, facts that were available from the start that these people botched. They just toss them away. They just ignored them.”

The full report is available on Fox Business and when you have the time, I would highly encourage you to read it.

It shows just how much data, real data, was ignored to promote a lockdown, a lockdown promoted by Dr. Anthony Fauci and his team.

Trump was often criticized as the lockdowns progressed for not wanting to follow the science and scientific leaders.

As it turns out, the scientists were not following the science and data.

To read the full report on Fox Business, click here.

Source: Fox Business

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