White House Begins Pivot on Rising Prices

Since inflation has hit this country, Joe Biden has tried to blame everyone but himself for the problems.

With his polling continuing to dip, it would seem that Joe Biden may finally be getting the message.

The White House is finally starting to pivot explaining why costs continue to rise.

Getting the Point

So, Joe Biden is not exactly taking blame, but he is at least starting to offer a different message.

Biden said Monday in a speech announcing his Federal Reserve nominees stated, “We still have a long way to go to fully recover from all the pain and destruction caused by the pandemic.

“And we’re still dealing with the difficult challenges and complications caused by COVID-19 that are driving up costs for American families.

“I know, for a lot of Americans, things are still very hard — very hard.”

Now, that is a stark contrast to the summer message Biden was offering to Americans.

In July, he had stated, “I don’t know anybody, including Larry Summer — who’s a friend of mine — who’s worried about inflation, is suggesting that there’s any long-term march here if we do the things we’re going to do.”

However, even with the pivot, it is tough to take him seriously when Press Secretary Jen Psaki is literally laughing off the rising cost of groceries.

It also does not help that rather than suck it up and stay at the White House, if for no other reason than optics, Biden is having a luxury weekend in Nantucket, rubbing elbows with a bunch of elites.

All Republicans really need to do is stay out of the way, as Democrats and Biden are their own worst enemy right now.

Let them keep talking, the polls will keep dipping, and the red tsunami will be here in less than a year.

Source: Washington Examiner

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8 Responses

  1. Even a dimwit moron can sometimes see the results of his bumbling policies. Not this one. He’s getting instructions from his handlers (Barry) that maybe he better stop blaming everyone but himself for all the crap HE HAS CAUSED. Too little too late Brandon.

  2. You can bet him and his entire cabinet will have a fabulous Thanksgiving but the rest of us have to worry about trying to have a decent Thanksgiving with our families. The price of everything is so expensive for us, but not the people in government. I wish they could all lose everything they have and let them see how it feels to not be able to afford a Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas for our kids. You never had to do without so you will never understand. I pray that God takes care of you in this afterlife, and I don’t mean sending you to heaven. At ya’ll age, I think ya’ll would be trying to get right with God. WELL IT’S UP TO HIM NOW.

  3. He can offer all the messages he wants but we all still know that he is to blame for every single stupid thing he has done to us and our country.

  4. we need the Republican’s to STEP=UP. Grow a back=bone and fight for our country… NOW!! This crap isn’t going to end well for America… Go Trump and Biden is a LETS GO BRANDON FORSURE

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