White House Cuts Joe Biden Feed Mid-Sentence

Joe Biden was in Idaho to discuss the wildfires this week.

Joe being Joe, he started to ramble on and start to make some really bizarre statements, at least one of which has already been debunked.

So, before Joe could embarrass himself anymore, the White House cut the feed and killed the broadcast.

Protecting Joe

During the briefing, Joe went off on a tangent about a job offer he allegedly received when he was thinking about moving to Idaho.

The fact-checkers immediately went to work and found that the company Joe claimed to have interviewed with and received an offer from had no such records.

Joe was clearly starting to go off the cuff at that point, so his handlers apparently saw all they could take.

We have seen in the past that after about 30-45 minutes, Joe has hit his wall, and he appeared to hit it again.

Right before the feed was cut, Joe Biden was trying to ask George Geissler of the National Association of State Foresters a question.

As soon as Joe started to speak, the feed went dark…

This is far from the first time his communications team has done this.

They cut the feed when Biden was answering a question about Afghanistan, and they have chased reporters out of the room many times during Biden briefings.

This comes from the same team that says Joe Biden is always “happy to take questions.”

That may actually be true, but his handlers are not happy for anyone to hear his answers.

Keep in mind, this latest blackout happened only days after a Politico report revealed that his team will often turn off their TVs or hit the mute button rather than list to Biden screw up “the West Wing’s carefully orchestrated messaging.”

Fox News Contributor Joe Concha chimed in on this…

But I guess we are all still to believe that Joe is the one calling the shots, right?

Source: Fox News

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8 Responses

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    1. Joe blow is a pawn in this corrupt government of ours. He appears to be calling the shots but he is too far gone to realize what he is actually doing. Has anyone taken a moment to step back and wonder, where is Obama? He has been on the down low lately. I suspect he is hiding away somewhere behind this fence where he can not be seen by the public. I suspect he is back in the white house making all of the decisions. Then there’s Hillary, don’t forget the crimes that that crook committed. She allowed our troops to be beheaded instead of having them rescued. It seems awfully similar to what recently happened to our troops that were left behind and killed by the Taloban.
      Am I the only person who seems to see a pattern here? Wake up America! Wake up before it’s too late .

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  3. What is the White House hiding? A demented old man that rambles on and says things his puppeteers don’t want him to say. Pretty obvious.

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  4. Joe doesn’t know what he had for breakfast or yesterday. Obama is in his 3rd term so why did he do in Afghanistan same as when he was in office. Bama is as crazy as Joe. Got to get Crazy Joe out before we don’t have a country or go to War. This is the reason Bama hasn’t left Washington still playing President. Enpeach Crazy Joe-Cackling Harris. God Help Us. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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