White House Defends ‘Semi-Fascist’ Comments

The word of the day is “hypocrisy.”

That is how Joe Biden’s time in office will be described.

The man is talking out of both sides of his mouth, then everyone in the administration and far too many media members back him up.

Unifier or Divider

Let me ask this again…

Why are they so afraid of Donald Trump?

Let’s remove Trump from the equation for just a second and look at his presidency.

Unemployment among minorities was down.

The country itself saw some of the lowest unemployment rates it had seen in decades.

Small businesses were thriving.

Wages were being driver higher.

The country became energy independent.

These are but a few of the things accomplished during his presidency.

Here is the kicker… fewer people were reliant on the government to survive than we have seen in decades.

Is that the key to everything?

Is that why the White House is defending Joe Biden calling roughly half this country fascists?

Do they even know the definition of the word because the MAGA movement by its very definition is literally about giving more control to the people and less to government.

Defending Biden’s comments, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated, “We understand we hit a nerve. We get that.

“We understand that they’re trying to hide, and we understand that ultra MAGA office holders want to play games here and dodge accountability for their extreme proposals and actions.”

Jean-Pierre would go on to say that if you do not fall in line with the majority, you are extreme.

That would mean our founders were extremists because they did not bow to the crown.

It actually makes anyone that supports Joe Biden right now an extremist because he only has support among 44 percent of the country.

She later tried to back it down just a bit, stating, “I’m talking about specifically MAGA office holders. That’s what we’re talking about.

“We’re talking about MAGA office holders who have put forth an agenda that is extreme.”

But, if those officeholders are doing their jobs, then they are representing their constituents, which, by default, would make their constituents extremists.

Joe Biden’s speech on Thursday was disgusting and inexcusable.

How could he possibly talk about the “UNITED” States when he had just given one of the most divisive speeches I have ever heard by someone occupying the Oval Office?

Think about the very nature of what they are saying… if you do not go along with what we say, you are a radical extremist and we will do everything in our power to put you down.

Now, you tell me who is a greater threat to our Republic… MAGA or Biden?

Source: Fox News

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39 Responses

    1. I did not listen to Biden as I can’t stand his presentations they are so boring and so is he. The only speech I listened to was the inauguration one and that was enough for me.

      Can we skip 2023 and get right to 2024 so we can trid of Biden/Kamala??

    2. Biden and the Democrats are the biggest threat to our democracy. We need to take our country back from the Democrats or we will lose our Freedom and our Country

  1. After listening for a few minutes, I was totally disturbed and angered that he has the Audacity to say WE the Trump supporters are the ones who are harming the Country….He is a hateful and evil person, I want him gone like yesterday!!!

      1. More like the HO that Biden Rode in on. Yep THE FIRST HO in the White House who wanted to be a First Lady but will never EVER, EVER, EVER be a First Lady and is also a FAKE, just like her DECREPIAT OLD SENILE, DEMENTIA, WORTHLESS, DO NOTHING POS, HUSBAND FJB….

  2. Biden seems to trying very hard to split the country. Is he trying to become the new Jefferson Davis? If we do not regain control of Congress this November it is going to be a long 2 years.

    1. This is the SPIRIT of HITLERISM
      He ranted and turned red in the face with special red lights
      Hell is burning on earth….

  3. i think loe and his press sec got it all backwards, but then there are a lot of people think they are right and those people want this country to fail george soros i hope when we get control again we put him in jail and limit the amount of money they can donate to elections then there are the other group that has no idea what is going on as long as they can get free money and stuff who do you think they will vote for

  4. Time to impeach the Illegitimate presidency of biden and harris for Treason and Sedition against the American People and the Constitution America Vote out the Nazis AKA the democratic party and Rino’s and progressives Next election We The People Demand our country back from the Evil Politicians in Washington DC swamp

  5. what gets me is everything coming out of their pieholes is lies and the morons that follow brandon are that stupid because they believe this crap!!! LETS GO BRANDON!!!

  6. Sounds like he’s begging for another ” Summer of Love ” type of reaction . Don’t ( DO NOT ) fall for the Demo Distractions . They do this every election . Anything to keep you from looking at their policies and results .

  7. We are watching Obama’s third term. I would venture Joebama doesn’t remember what he read off the teleprompter yesterday or comprehend it. Obama continues to divide America. He is a disciple of Saul Alinsky. As is Hillary. Research “Rules for Radicals” and you will see it unfolding.

  8. Americans wake up biden is destroying our country our ancestors died fighting for our country. Don’t let Biden fool you , he is here to destroy whats left of America. it’s long
    Past time to Impeach this lying evil person.This has nothing to do with red or blue it’s about. TRUTH.

  9. If a democrat is speaking, the adjective to describe their speech is hypocracy. Especially if the speaker is the child molesting pervert in charge. You can add to that lying, self-aggrandizement and hatred to America.

  10. illegal aliens are killing our country and no one even trump and other republicans are saying anything about getting them out of our country we need to deport all of them now by force if need be

    1. The millions of illegal aliens Biden brought in take up so much housing which causes housing to cost so much. Our military and young people can not find affordable housing. They do not pay income tax because they do not have social security numbers.

  11. Biden & crony Democrats are not what America is about people we reject corruption & lies along with destroying our great nation. Nov.2022-24 we plan on “Making Our Nation Great Once Again! God Bless our Nation & its People.

  12. Time to remove the Demorat fascists, if they are not made examples, more of vermin will come out of the woodwork.
    The world’s energy power has not caught up with an all electric car concept. Power goes out and government is demanding no cars can be charged until told to do so, how do you get to work? But that isn’t important, it is whatever your federal government demands and you will obey.


  14. Direct attack (rhetorically) on MAGA believing individuals is a mirror image of Adolph Hitler’s attacks on the Jewish people of Europe. Make no mistake, this is a wake up moment! And actions of our federal agencies is just like the “night of the long knives”. Why can’t everyone see that this the Nazi playbook 101? I’ll probably be censored for saying so, but there you go.

  15. I can’t believe how so many liberals can’t recognize totalitarian policies when it’s right in front of their eyes. This poor excuse of a dictator threatening millions of Americans and telling them to adhere to his policies OR ELSE, and they applaud him but they despise Hitler. What is the difference between both? Hitler was probably mentally insane and filled with hatred and a lust for power and this person suffering from dementia is just carrying out the orders of the Gestapo behind him. When they come for us don’t start being sorry for your decisions.

  16. After listening to Biden’s speech it is plain to see he is not a uniter but to the contrary a definite divider and a want to be dictator. He must be removed from office asap maybe impeached.

  17. I can’t stand to listen to him more than 2-3 minutes . It’s ironic how the things he’s accusing the mags Republicans of are in fact more applicable to the liberal and far left so-called Democrats. The present day Dem-old-rats are the worse excuses for honesty that ever became members of the government. When what they are saying makes no sense, look for the greedy financial angle and the “DOG” (Delisions of Grandeur “ self-aggrandizement that has infected their minds. They need psychiatric treatment,

  18. Talk about playing a dirty game. I’ve never seen the administration play dirtier. Can you imagine what would happen if Trump would have blamed all of the damage from “mostly peaceful” protests on the Demoncrats? Not once did he call out “Biden supporters” with accusations, much less call them “semi-fascist”. Somebody shorten Joe’s leash!

  19. The White house has been converted into an INSANE ASYLEM in order to accomedate ole guffy Biden and his sucker followers,.,.,.

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