White House Doctors Confirm Trump is Testing Negative for COVID-19

The recovery for President Trump is now official.

Since Saturday, the media has been making a considering deal about the fact Dr. Conley did not specifically state Trump had tested negative in his update.

That was rectified on Monday, with an official release from Dr. Conley stating that Trump had multiple negative tests for COVID-19.

The Health Update

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany released the official statement from Dr. Conley early Monday afternoon…

The news came at the perfect time for Trump, who is eager to hit the campaign trail and start drumming up more support for the upcoming election.

This will hopefully end any speculation by the media and Democrats on this front, but I would imagine they will find a way to continue to attack Trump and claim he is spreading the virus everywhere he goes.

Right Back at It

The timing of the news was perfect for Trump because he is already hitting the campaign trail in key battleground states this week.

On Monday, he had a huge rally in Florida where he and Biden are polling very close.

Later today, President Trump is scheduled to visit Pennsylvania.

On Wednesday, Trump is scheduled to make an appearance in Iowa, and I would assume his staff is packing the rest of the week with more appearances.

All the while, Trump will be prepping for his final debate showdown against Joe Biden next week.

The last debate before election day is scheduled for October 22, where Trump will have one last chance to lure in undecided voters and expose Joe Biden for the fraud that he is!

Source: Fox News

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