Graham Abortion Bill Has White House Screaming Foul

Joe Biden was having a very bad day today, then came along Senator Graham (R-S.C.) to save the day.

For some idiotic reason, Biden was having an Inflation Reduction Act party on the same day a horrific inflation report was issued.

It was a tone-deaf look and the media was blasting him for it.

Then Graham dropped a federal 15-week abortion ban to flip the cycle, deflecting away from the inflation news and giving Democrats something to whine about.

Bad Timing

The moment Graham’s legislation was introduced, the White House fired back.

Karine Jean-Pierre stated, “The president and vice president are fighting for progress, while Republicans are fighting to take us back.”

I understand why Graham wants to pass this, and I think the legislation is a good idea, but the timing of it was horrific.

I have always stated that there is simply no way both sides will ever be happy with federal legislation on this matter.

For that reason, if we can get legislation passed that gives both sides a win, it should happen simply to put the issue to bed.

National polls do support this as the sweet spot for the legislation.

An overwhelming majority of voters want abortion legalized, but 72 percent believe restrictions should be in place.

Even 60 percent of Democrats that support abortion believe there should be restrictions in place.

If it stays at the state level, I firmly believe the laws and restrictions should be with the voice of the people by making it a ballot measure.

But, if there is going to be a federal law, Graham’s law is truly a reflection of what the country would like to see on this front.

But why put something like this on the floor now when Joe Biden is getting absolutely clobbered by everyone?

There are even outlets such as Politico writing stories that Graham saved the day for Joe Biden.

It goes back to my dislike of this man, which makes me wonder if Graham did this to help Joe Biden deflect away from the economic news.

There is no other reason for him to drop this legislation today other than that reason.

Source: Washington Examiner

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