White House Shreds Fauci After He Goes ‘Political’

Dr. Fauci has maintained that he does not get political, however, his actions as of late have the White House fuming.

After the Trump campaign used Fauci’s own words to show the effectiveness of the administration’s COVID response, Fauci has been on the warpath.

During an interview over the weekend, Fauci shredded the current position of the administration, which led to a vicious reply by the White House that is clearly sick and tired of Fauci playing politics.

Fauci’s Comments

Everyone knew there would be a surge come fall, just as we would normally see with flu season.

Fauci, however, seems to be using the expected surge as a way to attack the Trump administration.

He stated, “We’re in for a whole lot of hurt. It’s not a good situation.

“All the stars are aligned in the wrong place as you go into the fall and winter season, with people congregating at home indoors.

“You could not possibly be positioned more poorly.”

White House Responds

Dr. Fauci seems to have an ax to grind against this administration now and it comes out in his tone.

Fauci has made some big mistakes in his assessments throughout the pandemic and Trump has had no problem pointing them out, which is why I personally think Fauci is going off right now.

The White House seems to be on that page, ripping Fauci for going political in his most recent interviews, especially because it is so close to the election.

White House Deputy Secretary Judd Deere stated, “It’s unacceptable and breaking with all norms for Dr. Fauci, a senior member of the President’s Coronavirus Task Force and someone who has praised President Trump’s actions throughout this pandemic, to choose three days before an election to play politics.”

He added, “As a member of the Task Force, Dr. Fauci has a duty to express concerns or push for a change in strategy, but he’s not done that, instead choosing to criticize the President in the media and make his political leanings known by praising the President’s opponent — exactly what the American people have come to expect from The Swamp.”

The White House can expect a lot more from Fauci as election day draws closer, as Fauci has stated that he plans on doing as many interviews as possible to “try to get the message out.”

Fauci, however, can get shut down by the White House, something I would expect to happen since Fauci has clearly started to make a push for Joe Biden to get elected.

Source: Breitbart

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