White House Staff Secretary and Former Facebook Attorney Jessica Hertz Resigns

Well, things sure are taking an interesting turn for Joe Biden.

After social media outlets helped put him into the White House, Biden loaded up his staff with several former social media employees, including former Facebook attorney Jessica Hertz.

Late Tuesday, however, Politico broke a story that Hertz had resigned and would be leaving “in the coming days.”

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When Hertz was hired, it raised more than a few eyebrows considering the actions taken against Trump during the election.

At the time of her hiring, it was also noted that prior to working for Facebook, Hertz had a prior stint working for Joe Biden when he was vice president.

She also worked in the Obama administration as the counselor to Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs Administrator Cass Sunstein.

The whole thing stunk to high heavens.

That stink just got considerably worse with her resignation.

Social media outlets have been all buddy-buddy with Democrats until very recently.

With Frances Haugen now coming forward as a whistleblower against Facebook, the Democrat Party has suddenly jumped on the bandwagon to pull back the reins on social media.

Biden has also come forward advocating for reform of the social media outlets, conveniently, after killing stories about Hunter Biden and helping put him into the White House.

Now, Hertz is just leaving without explanation.

This would probably not raise a lot of ears except for timing, as noted above, in regard to the problems that Facebook is having with the federal government right now.

Perhaps she is just cutting and running, jumping off the ship before it goes completely down, but we will keep our ears open for further developments.

Sources: New York Post & Politico

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6 Responses

  1. None of this really matters. Biden and his administration need to go they’re destroying America Here’s some real news CHARGE HIM WITH TREASON! THE PROOF IS ALL THERE

  2. This has been going on for a long time. Biden and his proof of Treason is all there. Now they come up they he is paying his bills on the entire family business bank account this is criminal. This lawyer woman is jumping ship because she knows what is going on and probably the feds are too near the WH scandals. How much more can Americans take? The entire group is full of lies and crooks against our country. The Doj is in it together. When will the fed stop them. Hoping the fed are not in it also.

  3. Facebook and other locations that censor deserve a good hacking. Looks like that lady woke up and smelled the coffee. Maybe she’ll practice ambulance chasing (personal injury) law… lol

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