WHO Director Says Lab Leak Theory Dismissed Too Early

It is rather astonishing how the idea of a lab leak from the Wuhan research lab is now suddenly a real possibility.

When the Trump administration floated the idea, the media, Democrats, and medical experts all dismissed it as a conspiracy theory.

Since Trump left office, major publications have retracted and/or corrected stories, White House officials have conceded it may be a possibility, and now the biggest concession of all has been made.

The World Health Organization (WHO), the organization initially responsible for investigating the outbreak’s source, is saying it dismissed the idea far too early.

After the WHO allegedly investigated the incident, it quickly defended China and the lab, but now it is walking everything back, which should be VERY concerning.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has now openly admitted that China was far from transparent and cooperative during its investigation.

So, to be clear here, the organization responsible for investigating these matters is now openly admitting that it released the results of an investigation that actually never really took place.

If China did not provide the information, then the WHO just made up its conclusion.

Tedros, on the idea of this being an accidental leak, stated, “I was a lab technician myself, I’m an immunologist, and I have worked in the lab, and lab accidents happen. It’s common.”

In what world is this acceptable? I guess it would be one where Donald Trump is president, and literally, everyone in the world but his own supporters want him out of office.

Source: The Blaze

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13 Responses

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  2. It was pretty obvious then that Tedros was in the pocket of China. I guess maybe China missed a couple payments so now it came from their lab. Oh, the rampant corruption on this earth.

    1. TEDROS is from Ethiopia. The Chinese government has an ENORMOUS โ€œBELT AND ROADโ€ program in Ethiopia, so they basically OWN ETHIOPIA! The Chinese lobbied heavily for Tedros to get his position. There is a photo of Tedros and Xi shaking hands. Now, Tedros is BACK TRACKING ON HIS PREVIOUS STATEMENTS BECAUSE HE KNOWS THE TRUTH IS COMING OUT! Again, Main Stream Media has silenced all of this. The picture of Tedros and Xi has disappeared! China knew they had a virus on the loose in Wuhan, but silenced local doctors, until AFTER THE HOLIDAYS TO ALLOW IT TO SPREAD GLOBALLY! YouTube took everything down, so did Google!

  3. Yeah wait untill the whole world realizes obama , biden , fauci , in 2015 , FUNDED the creation of THEIR genocide virus at Wuhan , with stolen U.S. taxpayer funds , like Rep. Gaetz reported over a year ago . And soros & gates also was in on funding the same lab ! All these top criminals are responsible for millions of deaths now . But their NWO’s “globalist agenda goals ” is 6 BILLION – worldwide ! – More pandemics to come .

  4. It is very disappointing that they state that even Trump supporters want him because they believed that what reported was not true. Genocide is what this Virus was all about. They laughed about it, many world wide human beings are suffering the loss of their loved ones and it is criminal and they are responsible for millions of deaths. They knew it was going to happen because AOC stated their will be money given to those who don’t works and those who do not have jobs. I remember that because I said is she crazy ? Now I have put two and two together. This was planned and it needs to be investigated thoroughly.

  5. Lab leaks are not acceptable. Death and injuries to many worldwide is not acceptable WHO. Your organization should be disbanded. That is acceptable. This was bio-warfare and we all know it.

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