Why Did Trump Take Documents from White House?

We are all wondering why Trump would circumvent the process of getting documents from his administration and take them on his way out the door.

Finally, some insight is being provided on this front.

It won’t help him in court, but it will give him a better look in the eye of the public.

The Deep State

Trump was concerned that the documents he believed he needed regarding the Russian collusion hoax would be destroyed with Biden coming into office.

It may sound far-fetched to someone not following this regularly, but this is one of the reasons I believe that Joe Biden ran in the first place.

I floated the idea that he felt Trump was getting too close to Hunter’s scandals, so what better way to put them all down than by moving into the White House?

We also know how deep the conspiracy to keep Trump from winning ran in the Obama administration, literally to the top, so Trump’s concerns are valid, at least in my opinion.

A Rolling Stone report published this week stated that Trump was worried that Biden’s administration would “shred,” bury, or destroy “the evidence.”

Perhaps this explains why Joe Biden is being so divisive now to try to rally more support behind Democrats and block Republicans from taking over Congress, then the White House again in 2024.

It still does not explain why Trump would take defense capabilities of foreign governments, but it does help explain why so many documents were taken and why he wanted them packed away at Mar-a-Lago rather than Biden having access to them.

Source: Newsmax

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