William Burns Connected to Chinese Communist Party via Former Think Tank

The deep ties between the Chinese and prominent members of Congress and this administration continue to surface.

Prior to being named the head of the CIA by Biden, William Burns worked for a D.C. think tank.

That organization employed numerous CCP members while Burns was president.

Explain This

Burns headed the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace for more than six years.

During that time, there were at least 20 policy experts on the staff that were CCP members.

At least four of them were hired when Burns oversaw the organization.

However, nothing published on the organization’s website explains the deep link to the CCP.

When Burns was working for the think tank, the FBI elevated threats of the CCP conducting “malign influence operations” against key American institutions.

What better way to do that than to infiltrate think tanks that have the ear of members of Congress?

Steve Yates, the former deputy national security adviser to the vice president, stated, “It’s pretty much a fatal cul-de-sac that [Burns] finds himself in.

“Either he appears to have allowed government-linked experts from a hostile power to affiliate with an organization boasting many former and future U.S. appointees or he didn’t know or bother to check — a remarkable lapse in operational security for a highly-cleared former U.S. official and pretty disqualifying for a director of Central Intelligence.

“If you can’t track who was in your think tank, running a much larger intelligence agency is the wrong line of work.”

He later added, “If any Communist Party members have easy access to any sensitive information whatsoever, they’re certain to get a visit from Chinese intelligence.

“They will have no choice but to gather and disclose on a regular basis going forward.”

Here is a silly question… why is this information only coming to light now?

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) mildly touched on this subject during confirmation hearings, discussing an exchange program with the Chinese that was in place at the organization.

Burns, at the time, stated that he inherited the program, but he ended it not long after taking over.

That, in fact, was a lie, as the program was in place for roughly two years after he took over as president.

How do these people get confirmed by the Senate?

How does someone like this even come up on Biden’s radar with connections to the Chinese like this?

Senator Rubio tried to answer that, stating, “Either they don’t understand the Chinese Communist threat or they simply don’t care because they’re desperate for solar panels and electric batteries from China.”

Source: Daily Caller

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