REPORT: China to Require All Wuhan Residents to Take COVID Test

Reports are starting to come from the city where this pandemic started, creating another wave of panic around the globe.

All 11 million residents of the city of Wuhan are now going to be tested for COVID.

On Tuesday, senior official Li Tao stated that the city of Wuhan is β€œswiftly launching comprehensive nucleic acid testing of all residents.”

What has everyone alarmed is that the city has not had any reported cases of locally transmitted COVID in more than a year, so why the sudden sense of urgency?

This announcement comes at the same time a GOP report is working its way through the media showing even more circumstantial evidence of a possible leak at the Wuhan lab.

The fact the Chinese government has had zero transparency throughout this crisis only has more people pointing fingers at the lab and demanding action be taken against the Chinese for a possible coverup regarding the origins of the pandemic.

Source: New York Post

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4 Responses

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  2. Who care about your earnings?
    Going back, Trump was correct, Covid 19 came out of the Wuhan Lab.
    This was no accident.

  3. China is probably creating another virus to finish off America for good.
    They now see that our do nothing president is not going to retaliate against them for anything , so this is their chance for world domination.
    None of this would happen under Donald Trump.

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